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Other Products

At Veneer Panels Plus, we offer an extensive range of other panels products to suit all your project requirements. Products include raw MDF and particleboard, fire retardant MDF and plywood in a selection of sizes and thicknesses.


Flexi Ply

Flexi Ply is an extremely flexible plywood which can be easily bent for forming curved walls, furniture, etc. We carry both 2440 x 1220 x 5.5 and 1220 x 2440 x 5.5 (cross grain).


Rhino Ply

A high moisture resistant plywood bonded both sides with white high pressure laminate. Rhino Ply is ideal for use in area where moisture is present, for example, bathrooms, laundry’s, alfresco kitchens, etc. It comes as 2440 x 1220 x 17 with matching edging.


Hoop Pine Ply

We supply an extensive range of hoop pine ply in various grades and thicknesses, which are all competitively priced.


LDF (Low Density Fibreboard)

LDF is an ultra thick, lightweight E0 MR Low Density Fibreboard panel. We offer it as raw, veneered or laminated in thicknesses which include 39mm, 44mm and 49mm. LDF panels are used extensively in the door and furniture markets.


Fire Retardant MDF

VP Surface Solutions stock a range of fire retardant MDF. It has a group 1 fire rating and can be supplied raw, veneered or laminated. A variety of sheet sizes and thicknesses are available. Please contact us for further details.


Black and Coloured MDF

MDF is available coloured right through in black, red, blue and green. It is supplied raw, suitable for polishing or can be veneered or laminated. Once veneered or laminated, this product can be rebated or grooved to expose the coloured substrate.


Brushed Aluminium

Brushed Aluminium is supplied as laminate only or factory bonded to board. At 3600 long it is ideal for kickboards.


High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

We can supply HPL including well priced white and black liner as laminate only or factory bonded to the substrate of your choice. Our laminating service allows us to bond your selection of laminate and board.


Leto Bamboo

Leto is an environmentally friendly range of bamboo plywood and veneer. Besides being aesthetically appealing, it is extremely hardwearing and is therefore ideal for high traffic areas. For more information or samples, please contact us.


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