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Compact Laminates

Standard Grade

Standard Compact laminate is a solid, extremely durable decorative building panel, developed for use as a self-supporting panel in applications requiring a product that is resistant to moisture, totally hygienic, and virtually indestructible. Due to its inherent antibacterial Sanitized® qualities, it can also be used in food preparation areas.  This product is particularly suited to high humidity environments due to its inherent water resistance. Ideal for shower and toilet cubicles, lockers, internal wall cladding, kitchen worktops and doors etc.

  • Resistant to impact, vandalism and dirt
  • Resistant to humidity and frequent cleaning
  • Anti-Bacterial surface
  • Low panel emissions that help to improve indoor air quality
  • Easy to clean and maintain

UV Compact

UV Compact is a solid grade laminate made up of two decorative faces with a solid brown kraft core optimised and tested to perform its best in outdoor applications such as outdoor table tops, outdoor kitchen beach tops and cabinet doors.

  • UV resistant and tested in order to meet the EN 438 standards parts 6 & 7 (specific to exterior grade compact
  • UV resistance ISO 4892-3 (1500hrs)
  • Water repellent and rot proof
  • Resistant to steam, mould, decay, frost and heat
  • It’s smooth non-porous surface can be easily cleaned with water and soap using a soft sponge or fabric


REYSIPUR® Monochrom

REYSIPUR® MONOCHROM Compact is a solid grade laminate with the core being the same colour as the surface. Compact Monochrom, through-colour core is available in Black or White core.

  • Core coordinated with the decorative surface for a solid effect
  • Chemical resistant properties
  • Impact, scratch and moisture resistant
  • Silver ion-treated, antibacterial Sanitized® grade


Compact Laminates Range

Standard Grade Range

UV Compact Range

REYSIPUR® Monochrom Range

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