Standard Compact laminate is a solid, extremely durable decorative building panel, developed for use as a self-supporting panel in applications requiring a product that is resistant to moisture, totally hygienic, and virtually indestructible. Due to its inherent antibacterial Sanitized® qualities, it can also be used in food preparation areas.  This product is particularly suited to high humidity environments due to its inherent water resistance. Ideal for shower and toilet cubicles, lockers,

E0 MR MDF cores coated with decorative papers impregnated with thermosetting resin on both sides of the board. This product offers resistance against staining, scratching and general surface wear. It is recommended for moderate horizontal use and specially for vertical application such as doors and wall panelling. Ready-to-use, it provides simplicity and time saving solutions.

Polyrey High Pressure Laminate is a versatile, robust and hygienic surface, highly resistant to moisture, impact, stains, scratches, etc. Suitable for covering vertical surfaces (doors, wall panels) as well as horizontal surfaces (worktops, furniture). HPL has a high chemical resistance and is suited to high-traffic public environments such as retail, hotel, office, health and education spaces.

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